Brisk & Young Associates


Digital Partnership with Remember

Brisk & Young delivers distinct recruitment services, leveraging Remember's unparalleled talent pool database and technical expertise.

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by Remember

Through an Exclusive Partnership with Remember, a leading platform in the HR industry, delivering distinct recruitment services.

Integrating Remember's AI technology with Brisk & Young's expertise to achieve the optimal solution.

Leveraging Remember's pool of 4 million talents, we offer unparalleled coverage across industries, job positions, and job functions.

A talent database with about 70% in managerial positions or higher, designed for executive and senior-level recruitment.

Utilizing Remember's extensive Big Data to analyze HR market and employment trends, offering unique market insights.

with Remember

Approximately 50% of successful recruitment placements coming from Remember's talent database.

Through effective synergy with Remember, resulting in high customer satisfaction and an overwhelming 95% contract renewal rate.

Powered by Remember’s extensive database, achieving a rapid 70% growth in successful placements and new job orders across different industries.

Pioneering innovative Talent Strategies and Solutions for a new horizon in collaboration with Remember, Korea’s Top professional network service, encompassing recruitment, research, advertising, community, and business card management.